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Recipients of Patient Choice Award: Patients Travel from Beverly Hills, Newport Beach & La Jolla to the Inland Empire to have Plastic Surgery with Dr. Robert Hardesty.

Patients rave about their experiences with Dr. Robert Hardesty. They greatly appreciate the quality time Dr. Hardesty spends with them and their deep sensitivity to their needs. In addition, Dr. Hardesty's experience and excellence in surgery, this Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Riverside is considered to be among the finest in Southern California. The exceptional results you will see on this web site speak for themselves. It is little wonder patients travel long distances to Imagine Plastic Surgery in order to have Dr. Hardesty perform their aesthetic surgical procedures, including Facial Rejuvenation, Breast Enhancement and Body Contouring.

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Low Monthly Payments

Imagine Plastic Surgery offers patients a variety of financing plans with payments as low as $107 per month. Other options include no interest plans, and no pre-payment penalties. 

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