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TULIP Liposuction

Liposuction was first introduced in the 1980′s. Like all techniques when first introduced, Liposuction has evolved over time resulting in improved results. The latest and most desirable form of this evolution is TULIP LipoSculpture, a unique advancement performed by Dr. Robert Hardesty. He has combined several techniques into what is now known as their TULIP LipoSculpture technique.

T-tumescent fluid. This fluid is injected prior to the liposculpture and provides three important functions:

1. lidocaine for post-operative pain control
2. epinephrine to decrease bleeding
3. placement into normal saline to allow a more even removal of fat tissue.

U-ultrasonic liposculpture. When needed our surgeons first treat the areas of unwanted fat with ultrasonic waves to break up fibrous and scar tissue while dissolving the fat cells.

L-liposculpture is then completed by removing and sculpting the fat tissue
using conventional liposuction techniques

I-investing garments- (custom-ordered) compress the skin against the muscle to form the body to the new sculpted contour

P-post operative use of non-surgical LPG/Endermologie which massages and refines the skin.

Dr. Hardesty has found that his innovative and sophisticated TULIP LipoSculpture technique has improved typical liposuction results and significantly increased patient satisfaction.

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