Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction, also known as mammaplasty surgery, is a common procedure among women with enlarged breasts.  Women may find that their breasts become enlarged for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Genetic conditions
  • Disease
  • Medications
  • Breast sagginess
  • Skin stretching around the areola
  • Hormonal changes

Breast Reduction Procedure

Dr. Hardesty takes great pride in treating women with mammaplasty. Many women have
undergone this procedure. The breast reduction surgery is the final choice for the treatment of over-developed breasts.

The Incision

The incisions used in the procedure depend upon the goals for the procedure. Typically, the incisions may be located in a circular shape around the areola or under the armpit. For more advanced and extremely large breasts, additional incisions may be needed.

The Technique

Dr. Hardesty uses the latest techniques to provide an enhancement that is ideal for individual patient needs. There are several techniques that may be used in breast reduction surgery, including:

  • Liposuction to remove excess fat and reshape the form of the breasts
  • Excision of excess glandular tissue
  • Excision of excess skin tissue
  • Reshape the nipples
  • Lift the breasts to an appropriate position

Breast Reduction Recovery

Recovery from breast reduction surgery is usually brief. Usually, by 6 weeks, there are no restrictions to returning to full exercise. Women are often participating in regular daily activities within several days following surgery. In fact, the procedure is less invasive than dissection of the breast so recovery is less painful and less complicated than many other plastic surgery procedures. The results from breast reduction surgery are usually instantaneous and the scars fade over time. Women typically find great comfort and psychological relief in the results of their procedure which lasts for many years to follow.

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