Facial Implants

Facial implants are designed to augment the chin or cheeks (malar pads) for an enhanced appearance. The advantage of facial implants is that the non-allergic materials offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Fill out hollowed cheeks
  • Refresh for a youthful appearance
  • Create balance in the of the face
  • Define the jaw line

Facial Implant Procedure

Dr. Hardesty uses artistic skills in selecting and placing facial implants to provide a refinement that meet patient expectations. During the pre-operative consultation, they will take precise measurements to ensure an appropriate fit for the implant. Facial implants are offered in many sizes and types to fit an individualized treatment plan for people interested in the procedure.

The Incision

Facial implant incisions are located in inconspicuous locations around the treatment area. Chin implant incisions may be located under the chin or inside the lower lip. Cheek implant (malar implant) incisions may be located inside the upper lip or lower eye lid.

The Technique

The facial implant technique focuses on the development of a precise pocket along the bone. In this way, Dr. Hardesty will be able to slip the facial implant into a natural position. This technique allows for proper form in the appearance of increased volume in the treatment area.

Facial Implant Recovery

Recovery generally only takes a few days after implant placement. This time period is usually several days at which time you can return to normal daily activities. There are also instructions to follow which will bring comfort during recovery and allow for proper healing. The results of chin and cheek implants (malar implants) are visible immediately following surgery. The true results are evident when swelling subsides. The advantage of facial implants is that the implant and the procedure may last a lifetime.

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