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Botox Injection Treatments for the Inland Empire, Including Riverside, Corona, Lake Elsinore, and Rancho CucamongaBotox may be right for you if you spend a lot of time concentrating, frowning, or squinting, then you have probably started to notice wrinkle lines in between your eyebrows.

As you perform these activities, the muscles between your eyebrows flex, eventually causing residual wrinkles that never completely disappear even when you are done with the motion that caused them.

The lines Botox can help eliminate are otherwise known as glabellar lines, or 11's, referring to the number they imitate. They are very common and can start to appear at any age.

Botox Can Help You Imagine a More Youthful Appearance with No Downtime

Fortunately, if you are over the ages of 18 and under the care of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Hardesty, Botox presents a simple treatment to reduce or eliminate their appearance without any downtime.

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