Natural “Organic Breast Enhancement” Using Your Own Fat (Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement)

Natural Organic Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement

Dr. Hardesty refers to utilizing your own fat to enhance the size of the breasts as “organic.” Why the term organic? It’s all you! No foreign body such as implants. In appropriate cases, we harvest your fat, purify it, and then inject it into the breast skin envelope. Our outpatient Organic Breast Enhancement technique is minimally invasive and has the wonderful side benefit of liposuction.

The advanced Organic Breast Enhancement technique employed by Dr. Hardesty includes using a special suction-pump bra device for a few weeks prior to surgery to “pre-expand” the breasts. This provides greater augmentation than fat transfer alone. Our surgeons utilize a device known as Brava®, a bra-like method that uses gentle negative pressure (a vacuum) to gradually expand the breast, providing extra room.

The technique is an adaptation of the increasingly popular autologous (patient’s own) fat transplantation technique. In this approach, fat obtained by liposuction from one part of the body, (thighs for example), is transferred for use in breast augmentation and reshaping. The fat is processed, purified and injected around the breast tissue, designed to produce improved, “natural-appearing” contour.

Although this is a highly attractive alternative, both Dr. Hardesty thoroughly counsels his patients about the more conventional silicone or saline filled breast augmentation options. Together, our surgeons and patients select a custom tailored choice in order to achieve attractive, optimal results.

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Note: See our Brazilian Butt Lift  for further information about utilizing your own fat for naturally improved contour.

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