Skin Tightening Science: ThermiSmoothThermiSmooth Skin Tightetning 

An effective evolution in topical skin therapy named ThermiSmooth improves texture and revitalizes skin in a series of short, comfortable sessions. For the first time exact control of heat dramatically increases the comfort and effectiveness of skin therapy. Your therapist can select a precise temperature for stimulating the cells that firm and restore skin, and ThermiSmooth system will reach that temperature. ThermiSmooth system will flutter off and on to maintain that temperature and will tell your therapist the exact temperature the skin has actually reached.




Will This Remove Lines From My Face?Thermi Smooth Wrinkle Reduction

Controlled heat can treat and beat back some of the outward signs and clinical evidence of aging skin. Stress on our skin and changes in our dermal collagen matrix are created by Solar radiation, an active lifestyle, getting older and, frankly, the expressions of happiness. Skin loses luster and we see... crinkles! A series of ThermiSmooth sessions can restore radiance, propel collagen production and shrink those creepy areas back into plump, radiant, healthy-looking skin! Are your eyelids starting to droop? Are there little wrinkles below your eyes? Shallow vertical lines on your  upper lip? Do your smile lines stay visible even when you stop smiling? Then you need to try ThermiSmooth! Skin of any color and any age can benefit from the stimulation of ThermiSmooth.

Why is ThermiSmooth Different?

Although ThermiSmooth works as a wrinkle reduction treatment, you must First understand that no transcutaneous treatment will resolve deep wrinkles or loose, saggy skin. For those issues you may want to consider ThermiTight or deep laser resurfacing. ThermiSmooth is for superficial improvement. Second, as we age the cells that create new collagen, called fibroblasts, take longer to deliver results so younger patients may see faster or even better results with any superficial treatment. More treatment sessions often bring more results; the older you are the more session you may need. Third, and most important for your question, there are both technical and biological reasons why ThermiSmooth excels.

Does ThermiSmooth Remove Tissue?

ThermiSmooth does not remove tissue like laser resurfacing or microdermabrasion; It stimulates tissue. Deep wrinkles are best addressed with more aggressive therapy that requires some recovery time. It also will not impact pigment, moles or freckles so it can be used on skin of any color. Changes appear gradually and over time but they are real changes and patients are happy!

What Is A ThermiSmooth Session Like?

As your ThermiSmooth session begins your therapist will gently cleanse the treatment area. A grounding pad with a sticky back will be placed on a muscular area to allow good flow of treatment energy. A small amount of clear gel will be placed on the skin to be treated and the therapist will set the target temperature on the system. A thermostat will be moved in small circles and then in slow back-and-forth motions as the tissue reaches the target temperature. You will feel a warm sensation as the temperature builds. As the target temperature is reached the system pauses, similar to cruise-control on a car. If it travels over skin that is cooler than the target temperature it starts up again until the desired temperature is reached. While it may feel hot for a moment it is mostly warm and comforting. The treatment ends when the area has reached and maintained the target temperature for 5 to 7 minutes.           

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Recovery is immediate. You may be pink in the treated area for up to an hour. Your skin may feel tighter but that is temporary. Lasting changes take days or weeks to begin to be visible.

Interested In ThermiSmooth?

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