Skin Tightening Science: ThermiSmoothThermiSmooth Skin Tightetning 

An effective evolution in topical skin therapy named ThermiSmooth improves texture and revitalizes skin in a series of short, comfortable sessions. For the first time exact control of heat dramatically increases the comfort and effectiveness of skin therapy. Your therapist can select a precise temperature for stimulating the cells that firm and restore skin, and ThermiSmooth system will reach that temperature. ThermiSmooth system will flutter off and on to maintain that temperature and will tell your therapist the exact temperature the skin has actually reached.


Will This Remove Lines From My Face?Thermi Smooth Wrinkle Reduction

Controlled heat can treat and beat back some of the outward signs and clinical evidence of aging skin. Stress on our skin and changes in our dermal collagen matrix are created by Solar radiation, an active lifestyle, getting older and, frankly, the expressions of happiness. Skin loses luster and we see... crinkles! A series of ThermiSmooth sessions can restore radiance, propel collagen production and shrink those creepy areas back into plump, radiant, healthy-looking skin! Are your eyelids starting to droop? Are there little wrinkles below your eyes? Shallow vertical lines on your  upper lip? Do your smile lines stay visible even when you stop smiling? Then you need to try ThermiSmooth! Skin of any color and any age can benefit from the stimulation of ThermiSmooth.

Why is ThermiSmooth Different?

Although ThermiSmooth works as a wrinkle reduction treatment, you must First understand that no transcutaneous treatment will resolve deep wrinkles or loose, saggy skin. For those issues you may want to consider ThermiTight or deep laser resurfacing. ThermiSmooth is for superficial improvement. Second, as we age the cells that create new collagen, called fibroblasts, take longer to deliver results so younger patients may see faster or even better results with any superficial treatment. More treatment sessions often bring more results; the older you are the more session you may need. Third, and most important for your question, there are both technical and biological reasons why ThermiSmooth excels.

Does ThermiSmooth Remove Tissue?

ThermiSmooth does not remove tissue like laser resurfacing or microdermabrasion; It stimulates tissue. Deep wrinkles are best addressed with more aggressive therapy that requires some recovery time. It also will not impact pigment, moles or freckles so it can be used on skin of any color. Changes appear gradually and over time but they are real changes and patients are happy!

What Is A ThermiSmooth Session Like?

As your ThermiSmooth session begins your therapist will gently cleanse the treatment area. A grounding pad with a sticky back will be placed on a muscular area to allow good flow of treatment energy. A small amount of clear gel will be placed on the skin to be treated and the therapist will set the target temperature on the system. A thermostat will be moved in small circles and then in slow back-and-forth motions as the tissue reaches the target temperature. You will feel a warm sensation as the temperature builds. As the target temperature is reached the system pauses, similar to cruise-control on a car. If it travels over skin that is cooler than the target temperature it starts up again until the desired temperature is reached. While it may feel hot for a moment it is mostly warm and comforting. The treatment ends when the area has reached and maintained the target temperature for 5 to 7 minutes.           

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Recovery is immediate. You may be pink in the treated area for up to an hour. Your skin may feel tighter but that is temporary. Lasting changes take days or weeks to begin to be visible.

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ThermiLift/Tight is a new procedure that uses heat to shrink skin and connective tissue in predictable ways. Temperature can be used as a health indicator (98.6F) or in treatment or therapy (flash-heating a lesion with IPL or freezing a wart or lesion with cryogen). Different temperatures effect different tissues in different ways. The same temperature can be therapeutic below the skin but damage the surface of the skin. ThermiLift/Tight uses the science of heat to transform tissue in desirable ways, to give a leaner look, a tighter jawline and neck, sleeker arms, thighs and abdomens. Surgeons use fillers and toxins to reshape the aging face and can now use ThermiLift/Tight to inject heat in a similar way and reduce the sagging and skin laxity we all see as we age.

How Will ThermiLift/Tight Help Me?

ThermiLift-TightThermiLift/Tight offers real results without surgery. The cells that form new collagen are called fibroblasts and they age like we do. By age 50 we lose about 50% of fibroblast viability. The younger patient can respond to skin care or topical treatment and the older patient might require surgery. What's between those options? What if skin therapy or spa sessions don't work for you or take too long with too many sessions? What if you don't want the cost, recovery, potential scar or other issues with surgery? ThermiLift/Tight is a great solution for those who are 'in the middle'. You can get rid of that saggy area under your chin, restore your jaw line, tighten up saggy arms or other areas without surgery in a single session usually taking about an hour. An increasing number of medical studies show ThermiLift/Tight is effective and patients on one consumer blog site rated ThermiLift/Tight 4.7 out of 5 for results, recovery and comfort.

Will ThermiLift/Tight Last?

Treatment will not stop the aging process but good results have been maintained in patients for more than three years after a single ThermiLift/Tight session. Depending on your lifestyle and weight-management, a 3-5 year expectation is not unreasonable and is supported by patient photographs. You can always repeat the ThermiLift/Tight procedure or opt for surgery in the future.

ThermiLift/Tight CandidatesThermiLiftTight Before and After

A good candidate for ThermiLift/Tight is a patient who sees laxity or sagging under the chin, in the neck, arms or other areas who wants to see results but is not ready for surgery. Men make particularly good patients.

What Can I Expect During My ThermiLift/Tight Procedure?


Your surgeon will consult with you to identify the areas you see as problems and set the correct expectation for degree of improvement. A sticky pad called a grounding pad will be applied somewhere on your body. The area to be treated will be cleansed and sterile drapes will be placed around the treatment site. Your physician will infuse a small amount of fluid with numbing medicine under the skin to be treated through a small puncture using a hollow needle. Your surgeon will select the temperature needed to give the desired effect and will gently and slowly move another hollow needle called a cannula through the treatment area. A sensor in the cannula limits the heat delivered to the select temperature and an infrared camera monitors the temperature of the surface of skin.  Knowing these 2 temperatures, your surgeon can use higher therapeutic temperatures below the skin and keep the surface in the safe range. ThermiLift/Tight has three procedure goals, to achieve the target temperature, to spread that temperature uniformly throughout the treatment area and to maintain the temperature for a few minutes. And three therapeutic goals, to shrink the fibrous septae that connect your skin to deeper structures, to contract existing collagen bundles and to stimulate over several months the formation of new dermal collagen.            

Are Results Instant?

Some improvement is noted within a week or two but the real result will be evident after 6 weeks and up to 6 months, another patient variable. New collagen formation will be ongoing, evidenced by continued and gradual improvement in skin tightening quality over 4 to 6 months.

Recovery After ThermiLift/Tight 

Because each patient is unique there is a range of healing responses. The numbing fluid will need to be absorbed by the body over the first day or two so you might look a bit swollen. The puncture sites will heal without scarring as any small wound would heal. The treated area will be wrapped to keep it under light compression for 24 hours, perhaps longer if your surgeon suggests it. you may be sensitive to heat in the treated area for a few days. There is sometimes tenderness lasting a few weeks and a firmness, called induration, that will fade with time but often indicates an excellent response. 

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ThermiRase   ThermiRase Wrinkle Reduction Skin Tightening

As you age dynamic wrinkles appear in response to repetitive movement of facial muscles. These wrinkles are often addressed by injecting a purified toxin to temporarily paralyze the muscle and stop the movement. In fact, it's the most popular aesthetic procedure performed in event years.There's another way to accomplish this facial relaxation that targets the nerve that controls the muscle and not the muscle itself. Based on technology used for years in pain medicine, ThermiRase uses precisely placed heat and not toxins. Results from a single ThermiRase treatment can last for a year or more. Instead of injecting a toxin, your surgeon will inject a flow of electrons to heat and knock out the nerve impulses that fire the muscles that create frown lines.

Is ThermiRase Better Than Botox?

ThermiRase Wrinkle ReductionThere are several patient groups for whom ThermiRase is a great alternative. Some question the idea of injecting a toxin into their body. Some grow tired of returning every 3 months for another round of injections. Some patients become clinically resistant to the toxin and require more and more of to maintain the effect. ThermiRase offers safe, long-term results for all of these patients. ThermiRase is a good option for patients who want long-term glabellar relaxation, who may be resistant to existing therapies, who feel uncertain about toxins and the potential side effects. Men are especially responsive to the benefits of ThermiRase.

Will I Experience Swelling?

While post-procedure responses can vary, the ThermiRase patient should expect some swelling in the treatment area for a couple of days. The injection site will heal in a few days without scarring like any skin puncture. In the peer-review study that used ThermiRase protocols, 78% of patients had relaxation that lasted more than12 months. So 22% had results lasting a shorter time, meaning there is some variability from patient to patient.

How Is ThermiRase Procedure Done?    ThermiRase Treatment Skin Tightening

 A small device called a Peripheral Nerve Stimulator is first used to map out the path of the nerve with small marks on the top of the skin. When the PNS is placed on the skin immediately above the nerve the muscle twitches and that point is marked, A series of these points marks the path of your nerve under the skin. Numbing medicine is placed where a hollow needle called a cannula is inserted and placed along the path of the nerve, which is re-stimulated to confirm correct placement. Then more numbing medicine is pushed through the cannula directly onto the nerve. The ThermiRase system is set to deliver a temperature of 85C for a period of 60 seconds. As energy is applied the patient begins to feel increasing temperature at the treatment location but at the 30 second mark the sensory bourbons become dormant and the patients feels very little. This process is repeated along the pathway of the nerve until a number of thermal lesions have been created and the nerve function is disabled.

Recovery After ThermiRase Treatment

The treated area will be a bit tender and edematous or swollen for one to three days. Your surgeon can recommend medicine or therapy to minimize this effect. Normal activity can be resumed immediately.

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 eLōs Sublative


eLōs Sublative Rejuvenation uses fractional bipolar radio frequency (RF) energy to harmlessly penetrate the skin, stimulating it to remodel into a younger, healthier version. The interaction of RF with the layers of the skin allows it to be safe and effective for people of all skin types and colors.It is neither laser- nor light-based and is considered no downtime as it leaves the outermost layer of the skin intact.  Focused energy currents are applied to the skin in a matrix, bypassing upper layers of the skin and stimulating the natural production of collagen at the source. This “resets” the body’s regenerative process, which is why results continue to improve over time. Gentle heat is delivered at the underlying connective tissue where the skin joins the muscle—the same layer that is tightened during a conventional facelift. This tissue is gently heated, causing it to contract and eventually lift. As a result, formerly loose skin appears subtly tightened.

Minimal Discomfort, Minimal DowntimeFacial Contouring and Wrinkle Treatment

Sublative produces the same kind of results as aggressive procedures without the pain, downtime, side effects or cost. There is no visible injury to the skin’s outer layers. Physicians have long used different types of energy to stimulate collagen and tighten the skin. Although considered non-surgical, Titan, Thermage and Fraxel are aggressive procedures that require weeks of downtime. In essence, they overheat the top layer of skin to the point of complete ablation (removal).
This forces new skin to develop, but the process is slow and painful. The number of people whose skin visibly responds to the treatment is much lower, as these treatments are not recommended for all skin types due to possible complications.

How Long Do Textural Improvements Last?

Our skin is constantly aging however, results of remodeled collagen will last. Touch up treatments from 3-6 month to once a year may be required to maintain the results desired.

Sublative Candidates

Sublative can improve the appearance and texture of your skin by treating multiple conditions, such as acne and acne scars, laxity and poor tone, rough texture, fine lines and wrinkles, brown or
age spots, and enlarged pores. Any skin type is able to be treated.Non Surgical Skin Tightetning

Does Sublative Treat Deep Wrinkles?

Although Sublative can provide vast textural improvements with less pain and downtime than other technologies extremely deep wrinkles can be resistant to the treatment and require an alternative method of such as a CO2 laser and/or traditional facelift.

About Sublative Procedure 

Topical anesthetic ointments and cooling are often used to reduce any discomfort during treatment. During treatment, many patients feel a warm, prickly sensation as energy enters their skin. It is often described like warm water shooting into the skin. After treatment a pink or red "sunburn" appearance and feeling is also common. Depending on the treatment area, most sessions are under 30 mins.

What To Expect During Recovery 

After treatment, your skin will likely look pink or red and feel warm like you have a sunburn. The pinkness will last one to two days. Darker skin types may experience tiny microcrusts where the energy entered their skin for up to 5 days. Because the treatment is non-ablative, you will be able to wash treated areas and wear make up the next day. You will likely see results after the first treatment and your skin will continue to improve for up to six months post treatment. A series of 3 or more treatments, 3-5 weeks apart, is required to realize maximum benefits.  Benefits include improved elasticity, improved radiance, lift, more even tone, smoother, more supple texture, fewer acne scars, discolorations and sun damage. 

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eLōs Sublime

Non surgical Body Contouring

It features the revolutionary eLōs combination of Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Light energies to precisely heat the dermal tissue within the targeted treatment area. This stimulates collagen and contracts elastin fibrils, resulting in an immediate lift with long term production of collagen.  Wrinkles are reduced, noticeable lifting can be observed, and your skin's texture becomes tighter, smoother, more luminous and toned, without enduring downtime.

Red Carpet Facelift

Sublime technology is known by the nickname “Red Carpet Facelift” because of the immediate lifting, plumping and tightening effects with no downtime. The long term benefits of improved tone and lift improve all aspects of the signs of aging.

How Long Will Results Last?

Although Sublime provides immediate results the longevity of the results are not permanent.  Multiple treatment sessions are needed to maintain desired results. Sublime does not replace the traditional invasive facelift. Understanding the benefits of non-invasive skin tightening treatments such as Sublime…. patients will quickly see a short term immediate improvement in facial/jowl & neckline tightening this is the intended purpose of
the procedure. 

Who Is A Candidate?

Sublime is effective on all skin types and with no downtime. Anyone who wants a non-invasive solution to the following skin problems wrinkled skin, sagging skin with textural irregularities is a candidate. It is extremely effective when layered with Sublative and/or eLōs IPL when a greater degree of correction is desired. eLos Sublime Wrinkle Treatment

About The Sublime Procedure 

Just prior to the procedure, your skin is cleansed, protective eyewear will be applied and cold water based gel will be smoothed on the skin surface. No anesthesia is required. Most patients describe a warm sensation as the radio frequency energy enters their skin. It is often related to a hot stone massage. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes to treat the entire face.

Recovery After Sublime

After the treatment, most patients feel a tiny bit of warmth in the skin, which usually diminishes in about 1 to 3 hours. There may be a slight redness in the treatment area, as well. You can return to your daily activities immediately following treatment. Most patients see gradual and cumulative results in at least a minimum of 4 treatments, 3-6 weeks apart is usually required for optimal results. This time frame and treatment structure allows for a complete healing/ production of new collagen and elastin to replace damaged tissue. Yearly maintenance treatments are recommended.

Sublime Rejuvination

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CO2RE Fractionated  

CO2RE is a fractional therapy CO2 laser for skin resurfacing. Fractional therapy is referring to the pixilated distribution of laser light. Fractionated treatment allows for smaller thermal injuries as opposed to fully ablative resurfacing thus allowing for shorter downtime and fewer complications. As opposed to older traditional CO2 lasers, CO2RE is versatile, giving physicians the ability to treat patients both superficially and deep skin layers simultaneously while maintaining precise control.

Does CO2RE Fractionated Treat Deep Wrinkles?

CO2RE is the right procedure for you to achieve light, moderate and even deep wrinkle reduction as well as skin resurfacing and scar reduction in a single treatment session.  Although CO2RE Fractionated therapy can provide amazing results it does not replace surgical procedures.

CO2RE Fractionated CandidatesCO2RE Fractional

Prime candidates for CO2RE are those in their 30’s, or older who have experienced skin damage from exposure to the sun, or have age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration, rough texture, or other imperfections. Generally patients will see the difference they want after only one treatment. Within days of treatment,patients will notice that their skin gradually appears softer, smoother, and tighter.

Is CO2RE Fractionated For All Skin Types?CO2RE Fractional Before and After

Darker Skin patients present a high risk of adverse events and therefore a CO2RE treatment is not recommended.  Sublative is a nice alternative for these darker skin patients.



About The CO2RE Fractionated Procedure 

Depending on the desired results and recommendations of your provider/physician; patients typically receive topical anesthetic/local or regional blocks, cleanse the area with antibacterial soap and water and then treatment with the fractionated CO2RE device begins.  Patients will hear a quick scan of the epidermal layer with each laser pulse and there will be a fractionated ablation occurring at a variety of intensities and depths depending on the desired results you and your physician have discussed in the pre-treatment consult.

What Is Recovery Like?

Patients will feel as if they had a moderate to aggressive sun burn to which they will have immediately post treatment a cooling gel applied to their skin along with a cold compress.  Patients will be encouraged to hydrate and use SFP 30+ and avoid going to the beach. Patients will have, at least, 3-5 days of downtime 

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CO2RE Ablative

CO2RE Ablative is a traditional resurfacing treatment where 100% of the epidermal layer of skin is removed. 

Co2re Ablative Treatment

How Many CO2RE Ablative Treatments Do I need?   Co2re Ablative Before and After

For those who want a complete skin rejuvenation procedure in one session that will give the optimal results. The CO2RE ablative treatment allows for a complete removal of the layer of photo damaged skin and a new-collagensis as the skin re-epithelializes will occur. 

Is CO2RE Ablative For All Skin Types?

Darker Skin patients present a high risk of adverse events and therefore a CO2RE treatment is not recommended.  Sublative is a nice alternative for these darker skin patients.


About The CO2RE Ablative Procedure  Co2re Deep Treatment

Depending on the desired results and recommendations of your provider/physician; patients typically receive topical anesthetic/local or regional blocks, cleanse the area with antibacterial soap and water and then treatment with the fractionated CO2RE device begins.  Patients will hear a quick scan of the epidermal layer with each laser pulse and there will be a fractionated ablation occurring at a variety of intensities and depths depending on the desired results you and your physician have discussed in the pre-treatment consult.

How Long Is Recovery?

Patients will feel as if they an aggressive sun burn to which they will have immediately post treatment a cooling gel applied to their skin along with a cold compress.  Patients will be encouraged to hydrate and use SFP 30+ and avoid going to the beach. Patients will have, at least, 12-14 days of downtime.

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Laser Resurfacing in The Inland Empire

Laser Resurfacing for the Inland Empire from Imagine Plastic SurgeryLaser Resurfacing can reduce facial wrinkles, scars and blemishes. Newer laser technologies provide Dr. Hardesty a new level of control in laser surfacing, permitting extreme precision, especially in delicate areas.

It's all about using beams of light. Laser skin resurfacing is also known as a laser peel, laser vaporization or lasabrasion.

We utilize the laser to send short, concentrated pulsating beams of light at irregular skin.

This removes unwanted, damaged skin in a very precise manner one layer at a time. This targeted approach means there are fewer problems with hypopigmentation, or a lightening of skin for procedures such as laser acne scar removal.

How Laser Resurfacing Works

The laser beam used in Laser Resurfacing will remove your outer layer of skin, called the epidermis. It simultaneously heats the underlying skin, called the dermis. This action works to stimulate growth of new collagen fibers. As the treated area heals, the new skin that forms is smoother and firmer.

Laser resurfacing can improve minor facial flaws, such as:

  • Fine lines or wrinkles around or under your eyes, forehead or mouth
  • Scars from acne or chickenpox
  • Non-responsive skin after a facelift
  • Aged or sun-damaged skin
  • Liver spots
  • Improve your complexion if you have yellowish or grayish skin tones
  • Warts
  • Birthmarks such as linear epidermal nevi
  • Enlarged oil glands on the nose

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VelaShape III

How Does VelaShape III Work?

Velashape Treatment

With VelaShape, you can be treated on body areas such as the neck, arms, abdomen, thighs, and the buttocks. The two applicators (VSmooth & VContour) on the VelaShape device are designed for large and small body areas; therefore, treatment is effective and safe.  It is also effective and safe on all skin and body types.

How Quickly Will I Notice A Change? Velashape2

Gradual improvement of the treated area can be seen following the first treatmentas you notice the skin surface of the treated area feeling very smooth, firmer and tighter. Results in Circumference and Cellulite Reduction will be most apparent 6-8 weeks following your final treatment session.

How Do I Maintain My Results? 

Follow and  complete your treatment regimen, and it is also recommended to get maintenance treatments periodically. Your results will last longer if you follow a balanced diet and regular exercise. Some individuals may be able to go 6-12 months before needing an additional treatment, and for others once a quarter may be more typical.  A healthy lifestyle will extend treatment results.

Is This Treatment Safe?

The FDA found and cleared Vellashape III as safe and effective for all skin types and colors. 

Will This Work For Me?

The majority of the population is a great candiadate for receiving the VelaShape treatment, becasue cellulite effects 90% of all women. 

Does Velashape III Hurt?

Majority of patients find VelaShape treatments to be very comfortable, like a warm deep tissue massage. This treatment is designed to accommodate your sensitivity and your comfort level.

How Will I Feel After Velashape III?

Post treatment skin on treated area could feel a little tight. It is normal to have an inner heated sensation for up to a few hours after your treatment. In some cases, mild redness can be observed.

What Are The VelaShape III Advantages Compared To Other Methods?VelaShape III Skin Tightetning

 Today, there are still no other methods available that include the combination of Bi-Polar RF, Infrared Light, Vacuum and Mechanical Massage like VelaShape, and that is our advantage. Our latest technology.

Velashape Body Contouring

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