ThermiRase   ThermiRase Wrinkle Reduction Skin Tightening

As you age dynamic wrinkles appear in response to repetitive movement of facial muscles. These wrinkles are often addressed by injecting a purified toxin to temporarily paralyze the muscle and stop the movement. In fact, it's the most popular aesthetic procedure performed in event years.There's another way to accomplish this facial relaxation that targets the nerve that controls the muscle and not the muscle itself. Based on technology used for years in pain medicine, ThermiRase uses precisely placed heat and not toxins. Results from a single ThermiRase treatment can last for a year or more. Instead of injecting a toxin, your surgeon will inject a flow of electrons to heat and knock out the nerve impulses that fire the muscles that create frown lines.

Is ThermiRase Better Than Botox?

ThermiRase Wrinkle ReductionThere are several patient groups for whom ThermiRase is a great alternative. Some question the idea of injecting a toxin into their body. Some grow tired of returning every 3 months for another round of injections. Some patients become clinically resistant to the toxin and require more and more of to maintain the effect. ThermiRase offers safe, long-term results for all of these patients. ThermiRase is a good option for patients who want long-term glabellar relaxation, who may be resistant to existing therapies, who feel uncertain about toxins and the potential side effects. Men are especially responsive to the benefits of ThermiRase.

Will I Experience Swelling?

While post-procedure responses can vary, the ThermiRase patient should expect some swelling in the treatment area for a couple of days. The injection site will heal in a few days without scarring like any skin puncture. In the peer-review study that used ThermiRase protocols, 78% of patients had relaxation that lasted more than12 months. So 22% had results lasting a shorter time, meaning there is some variability from patient to patient.

How Is ThermiRase Procedure Done?    ThermiRase Treatment Skin Tightening

 A small device called a Peripheral Nerve Stimulator is first used to map out the path of the nerve with small marks on the top of the skin. When the PNS is placed on the skin immediately above the nerve the muscle twitches and that point is marked, A series of these points marks the path of your nerve under the skin. Numbing medicine is placed where a hollow needle called a cannula is inserted and placed along the path of the nerve, which is re-stimulated to confirm correct placement. Then more numbing medicine is pushed through the cannula directly onto the nerve. The ThermiRase system is set to deliver a temperature of 85C for a period of 60 seconds. As energy is applied the patient begins to feel increasing temperature at the treatment location but at the 30 second mark the sensory bourbons become dormant and the patients feels very little. This process is repeated along the pathway of the nerve until a number of thermal lesions have been created and the nerve function is disabled.

Recovery After ThermiRase Treatment

The treated area will be a bit tender and edematous or swollen for one to three days. Your surgeon can recommend medicine or therapy to minimize this effect. Normal activity can be resumed immediately.

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