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I am 3 weeks post full arm lift and worried I possibly tore some internal sutures. Will it re-attach if separated?

Your description of what happened is consistent with a possible mild internal separation. In the majority of patients treated there are usually multiple internal sutures this should not be a long term problem.

I would definitely make a follow up appointment with your plastic surgeon.


Is There a Procedure for Getting Rid of Underarm "Wrinkles" or Excess Skin and Would You Recommend It?

1)standard brachioplasty- removes skin, fat with an incision from armpit to near elbow

2) mini brachioplasty - usually performed with liposuction and skin resected only near armpit with scar limited to armpit area.

3) minimal scar brachioplasty- liposuction proceeded by Radio Frequency (RF)  (Thermage  an example)

These are the options I give my patients asked on their desires and physical exam.

Make a appointment with a reputable, expirenced board certified plastic surgeon.


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