Breast Reduction FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Will a Breast Reduction Cost?

Total costs are based on several components:
A)what part of the country you have your surgery (coastal cities higher than inland cities)
B)surgeons fees (more experienced surgeons are higher than less experienced)
C)anesthesia fees (nurse anesthetist vs Bd. Cert. Anesthesiologist)
D)facility fees (operations done in a hospital setting are usually higher in total cost)
E) special equipment needed
Please see our blog on this topic.
The range for “total costs” to have breast reduction in the Inland Empire are from $8,000 to 15,000.
Most Plastic Surgeons have financing options available.
I feel compelled to state that while total cost should always be taken into consideration
it is your body and we usually "get what we pay for".


2. Will Breast Reduction leave me scars?

The simple and straightforward answer is yes
and are visible while nude.
Depending on large the breasts are and how much the sag the scars can be limited to the:
  1. Periareolar: around the nipple only(doughnut)
  2. Periareolar and Vertical (lollipop)
  3. Periareolar , Vertical and fold (inverted T or anchor)
However theses are all hidden scars not seen while wearing a bathing suit, bra, backless top or a wet t-shirt.
With modern techniques of suturing, scar modulation (Embrace and silicone gel strips application), postoperative laser treatments and injections the scar quality can be improved and the scar visibility reduces


3. Will a Breast Reduction keep my breast looking forward like a lift?

The only difference between a breast lift (mastopexy) and breast reduction is in a breast reduction the removal of breast tissue to reduce breast volume thus size.
The same techniques to remove excess skin and give the breasts a more “perky” appearance in mastopexy is/are used in breast reduction to obtain the appealing and aesthestic pleasing breast appearance.
Breast reduction is both FUNCTIONAL (decrease neck/back pains, decrease bra strap marks on shoulders, removal of the cause of under breast sweating/rashes, increasing ability to exercise) and AESTHESTIC (balanced figure, up lifted breasts with normally located nipple areolar on the breast mound instead of pointing down, ability to wear certain clothes one couldn’t before and improved self esteem).

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