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1. When will I be able to see the results for Otoplasty?

The results after otoplasty will be noticed immediately after removing the bandages (in my practice after 24 hour).
The progressive reduction in bruising and swelling after otoplasty occurs over the next several weeks.
The final appearance after otoplasty only improves over the next 6 weeks and the final result is seen at this time.

2. I pierced my ear and have a large hole on earlobe, can that be fixed?

This is a more common consequences then most people realize. The size of the hole relates to the stretching of the earlobe skin by the weight of the ear ring. This can result in just a elongation of the piercing to a large hole to actually splitting of the bottom of the ear lobe.
Depending on the size of the hole a simple closure to actual repair and reduction of the lobe may be required.
Often these ear lobe repairs can be performed under local anesthesia and with straight forward recovery.
Thanks again for your question.

3. Will my hearing be affected by Otoplasty?

Thank you for your important question regarding hearing a performing otoplasty surgery.
There should be no deleterious hearing affects from the external otoplasty procedure since the external ear is only a “funnel” to collect sounds and send it to the ear drum where sound waves are converted to nerve impulses in the inner ear.
Good luck on your otoplasty surgery!



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