Does the number of cc's in a breast implant correlate with the breast bra size? Frequently Asked Question Riverside CA

Does the number of cc’s in a breast implant correlate with the breast bra size?


No it does not:
  1. Unfortunately bra manufactures have not standardized bra sizes. Just as different sizes, whether it is a B, C, or D cup, vary from patient to patient and from retailer to retailer, there is no way to guarantee that one will have B, C, or D cup breasts after implants.Whats most important is first that you obtain the size you want and choose a bra that fits you and is comfortable.
  2. Final cups size depends on the size of breast that you are beginning with. The resulting cup size does not directly correlate with the implant size. For instance if you placed the same size implant on miniature poodle and a elephant… on the poodle it would look huge and on the elephant you wouldn’t notice it!
  3. The goal is create breasts that proportionate to the patient’s chest wall diameter, the amount of breast tissue the patient has and the size and shape.
  4. It is very important not to over-augment patients, as that oversized breast implants wills at faster and often lead to migration of the augmented breast implant to the outside (or lateralization) which can cause distortion and the breast. It also will look too large and non proportionate for the patient’s body and chest.

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