I had gastric bypass so my question is is a tummy tuck the same pain?


It really depends if the recti muscles will be plicated (sutured together to create a smaller waist). If they are the postoperative pain is comproable.

Asumming gentle surgical techniques here are several intraoperative procedures to reduce postoperative pain.

1) Bupivcacaine
2) Exparel is along acting injectable Bupivacaine .
Price difference is significant.
Both can be injected locally.

A pain pump us a mechanical device where there is a external “pump” through which thin catheters are inserted into the surgical site. For the next several days the local anesthestic agent (usually Bupivacaine) is release at constant flow. Thin catheters need to be removed in 3-4 days .

Contrasting the two:
1)one time local injection
2) works only where injected
3)longer 1/2 life of Bupivacaine (effects last longer)

Non narcotic pain pump
1) a external delivery system through small catheters
2) can diffuse throughout the surgical site: in breast augmentation or abdominoplasty the anesthestic (Marcaine) fluid can disperse throughout the entire surgical pocket and theoretically cover more area  in contrast to direct injection of the Exaparel or Bupivacaine in certain ares thus is only effective where locally injected.
3) Some pumps have a “on demand” function where additional local anesthetic volume can be intermittently delivered (with a corresponding lock out period so as not overdose).

I personally perfer the pain pump for long term pain relief (3-4 days) and  perform local injection of local anesthestic on almost every surgical case. I provide a pain pump to all my abdominaloplasty patients. The pain pump is optional for all other procedures.

I suggest you discuss postoperative pain control with your chosen Plastic Surgeon.

I trust you have chosen a experienced Plastic Surgeon who is Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and ideally a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (denoting by membership as having met additional criteria and a focus on Cosmetic Plastic Surgery).

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