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Gummy Bear Implants


Why Gummy Bear Implants are so Popular in the Inland Empire

Gummy Bear Implants

An increasing number of women are bursting at the seams to learn more about the new “Gummy Bear” implants. The “Gummy Bear” implant is slightly firmer than silicone implants. These implants provide peace of mind for patients worried about a possible tear or rupture. Dr. Hardesty  primarily use smooth implants, which are available in a round, or tear-shaped form. Plus, they are currently only available to board-certified plastic surgeons.

Silicone filled breast implants were first used during the early 1960′s. There is generally accepted 4 generations of improvements in silicone filled breast implants. The earliest versions of silicone filled breast implants had a very “liquid” version of minimally crossed linked silicone molecules. Thus when the outer silicone shell ( a more rubberized highly cross linked silicone) ruptured the liquid form of silicone would leak out and could remain within the breast capsule (the normal scar tissue that surrounds the breast implant) referred to as a intracapsular rupture.

The results of unwanted silicone migration has been studied extensively. Current conclusions are that there are no known health issues for women. However, ruptured silicone can cause or contribute to capsular contracture. This reaction causes the body to create additional and unwanted internal scar tissue around the breast implant that distorts the implant from a normal shape to a firm or even hard, round painful breast.

Today’s Modern Gummy Bear Implants

With these concerns regarding non contained silicone molecule migration has led researchers to progressive improvements in silicone filled implants that are more cohesive and less liquid.

After many years of scrutiny by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and reviews of both basic science bench research and clinical trials The FDA approved the general use of latest generation of highly crossed linked cohesive silicone filled breast implants now commonly referred as “gummy bear” silicone breast implants. These new silicone filled breast implants can be cut into two pieces without the silicone leaking out. This is due to the increased cross linking of the silicone molecules. This has been accomplished without substantially increasing the firmness of the new and latest version of the silicone filled implant. Most recently a stable form of gummy bear implant has been released that is not only cohesive, but is shaped like the breast. Gummy bear implants are available in both a smooth surface or textured surface. Indications for either surface depends on several factors: your breast capsule formation history,your desired appearance and the shape or position of the implant. The best way to determine if you are a good “Gummy Bear” candidate is to schedule an in-depth consultation.

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