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How to Eliminate a Double Chin and Improve Your Profile

As we age our body starts to lose its elasticity and skin starts to sag. Many places on the face like the cheeks, forehead, or even chin start to build up skin that can cause people to look older or heavier than they actually are. To get rid of this extra fatty tissue under the chin, many patients are turning to Kybella, for a non-surgical solution. At his Riverside office, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Hardesty is helping patients to feel confident about their chin contour by getting rid of the fatty tissue underneath. The team at Imagine Plastic Surgery wants to help their patients get the look they desire by using Kybella.

What is Kybella®?

Kybella is the first and only FDA approved injectable that helps to dissolve fat cells under the chin to enhance the profile. The Kybella injectable made of a form of deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a natural molecule in the body that helps to breakdown and absorb dietary fat. This acid will help to get rid of that extra fatty tissue in the treatment area. Dr. Hardesty has been helping his patients improve their profiles for decades. Kybella is a safe, effective way to do this without surgery. This treatment has minimal discomfort, and Dr. Hardesty can go over any medications that can be used during or after treatment to help you feel relaxed and pain-free. The team at Imagine Plastic Surgery makes sure that their patients are comfortable during each treatment by providing the best care.

The Kybella® Treatment

When you come into your consultation with Dr. Hardesty, he will want to examine your chin area and the concerns you may have. By examining the chin and the amount of extra skin, this will help Dr. Hardesty to create your unique treatment plan. The amount of treatments for Kybella varies from patient-to-patient. Each treatment session should be given one month apart, with no more than six sessions in total. Dr. Hardesty will take a look at your medical history and allergies to make sure this treatment is right for you.

How the Treatment Works

After your consultation appointment, Dr. Hardesty will have made your personalized treatment plan. Now, treatment can start. Most Kybella treatments take between 15-20 minutes, depending on the number of injections needed. Dr. Hardesty will choose the number of injections needed and the injection sites based on your current profile and aesthetic desires. When Kybella is injected into the chin, the deoxycholic acid starts to target the fat cells and break them down. This results in a noticeably less extra tissue under the chin, which helps to improve the overall profile. The fat cells that are destroyed can no longer store fat, so once you have reached your aesthetic desires, no further treatment is necessary.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you have some submental fullness under the chin that won’t go away even with diet and exercise, then Kybella may benefit you. To know if Kybella will benefit you and help you reach your goals, Dr. Hardesty will examine your skin and current profile. As well as, going over your medical history. Kybella has been shown to help anyone over the age of 18 improve their profiles with no surgery involved.

Kybella® Recovery

There is no downtime associated with Kybella treatments. Patients may experience some bruising, swelling, or numbness under the chin following treatment, but this should subside in a couple days. Dr. Hardesty will go over all of the post-treatment aftercare steps with you to ensure you heal properly and obtain the best results possible.

Kybella® Frequently Asked Questions

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Schedule a Consultation

If you have extra tissue under the chin that causes you to look older or heavier than you are, Kybella can be the right treatment for you. To learn more about Kybella treatments, contact our Riverside office today. To book a consultation appointment with Dr. Hardesty, call the office or fill out an online form and a team member will get back with you. Dr. Hardesty and his team at Imagine Plastic Surgery are excited to help you improve your profile with a Kybella treatment.

What is the cost?

At Imagine Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety a different procedures that all vary in prices. We strive in being transparent to all potential patients and being up front with how much our services may cost. For more information regarding the costs and prices, visit our plastic surgery prices page!


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