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Frequently Asked Questions
"Liquid Facelift"
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1. Is this better than a Face lift with surgery?

The term “liquid face lift” means different things to different people.
The general term of “ liquid face lift” often and most frequently refers to a non surgical enhancement using combination of the following or minimally invasive rejuvenation.
These non surgical alternatives include:
  1. skin tighenting: Lasers(fractionated or ablative CO2RE), topical Radio Frequency (ELOS Sublative or Sublime) or chemical peels.
  2. Facial augmentation: Fillers(hyaluronics: Juvederm, Vobella, and Restylane. etc)
  3. Collagen Stimulants: Sculptra, Retinae A
  4. Neuromodulators: (Botox, Dysport, etc)
  5. Skin discoloration: reds (V-Beam laser), browns
(Intense pulse light and hydroquinones)
Minimally invasive include the above and into addition:
  1. Enzymatic removal of fat under the chin: Kybella
  2. Under chin liposuction using local anesthesia
  3. Under chin skin tighenting injectable Radio Frequency ie Thermi
Therefore a traditional face lift (there again a surgical face face varies from a mini to s full) or liquid face lift is not “better” than each other. It really depends on the :
  1. The facial anatomy
  2. The aging process
  3. The acceptance of surgery
  4. The desired result
  5. The patients budget
I call combining multiple modalities wether it be non surgical, minimally invasive or short incision/rapid recovery surgery “Synergy”.... 1 + 1 + 1 does NOT equal 3 but 5, 6 or even 10!

2. How long can I use a Liquid Facelift before I have to get a facelift in life?

Having a Liquid Face Lift and a more traditional face lift are NOT mutually exclusive. Depending on what specfic “Liquid Face Lift” procedure was performed and complete resolution of swelling (usually several weeks) from the Liquid Face Lift the tradional face lift could be scheduled and performed.


3. What do you recommend for a complete Liquid Facelift and what is the average cost?

I can only answer this important question in general terms. I really need to consult with you and examine your face. However I hope you find my answers helpful.
All of us are individuals with specific needs and desires as it relates in to facial rejuvenation.
In my practice I offer many modalities for treatment:
“One Goal Many Options” . So it really depends on what the patients needs, wants and desires are:
  1. Skin Tightening
  2. Fat removal
  3. Adding contour
  4. Removing wrinkles
  5. Removing aging spots
In general the costs/fees are 30-40% less than a surgical procedures
Caveat: like in life you usually get what what you pay for... if you need a surgical procedure it will always be better and longer lasting than a non surgical procedure.

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