A Soar in Self-Esteem following Male Breast Reduction (Reduction of Gynecomastia)

Gynecomastia, or excess development of breast tissue, occurs in as many as 40 to 60 percent of men. This term is coined from a Greek word meaning women-like breasts. The condition can cause extreme embarrassment, social inhibition, and self-consciousness for men and boys who suffer from it. Medically, Gynecomastia is quite common. In fact, 80% of adolescent young men temporarily develop feminine appearing breasts.


Male Breast Reduction When Gynecomastia Doesn’t Resolve Itself

Often, Gynecomastia spontaneously resolves with time. However in some men, feminine appearing breasts persists causing embarrassment, inability to go shirtless, lack of self-confidence, and questions regarding one’s masculinity.

The usual cause of Gynecomastia is simply a hyper level of sensitivity of the end organ, (the breast), to the normal amount of female hormones all males have. In very rare cases a testicular tumor can cause Gynecomastia. Additionally, chronic steroid users, those on supplements for testicular cancer or muscle enhancement, also may exhibit abnormal male breast size. Often males with Gynecomastia believe working out the chest muscles will decrease this appearance, but in reality, increased chest muscle mass will actually make the already large feminine breasts look larger.

The Procedure For Male Breast Reduction

The treatment, after ruling out rare causes, is straightforward with the use of the optimal liposuction equipment. In Gynecomastia, the breasts are dense with fibrous breast tissue that usually will not be correctable with standard liposuction apparatus.

Therefore, Dr. Hardesty employs a proven and superior technique utilizing sophisticated ultrasound liposuction technology, using ultrasonic waves to help break up the fibrous tissue combined with standard liposuction to evacuate the broken up breast tissue. In some cases there is an isolated collection of breast tissue under the nipple called the “nipple bud” which does not respond to ultrasonic liposuction. This requires a small incision to remove the nipple bud. Recovery time is minimal with most men returning to work the next day or so. A small compression garment, the size of a undershirt, is worn for 6 weeks. The patient can return to normal activities without limitations.

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