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FAQs – Nose Surgery



1. Are there any alternatives to Rhinoplasty?

Yes, demanding on what your nasal desires are and your anatomy a “non surgical rhinoplasty” can be performed.
The non surgical improvements is usually limited to filler injections for contour balance to disguise the nasal hump and fill small depressions and irregularities.
However the vast majority of nasal improvements requires a surgical rhinoplasty procedure.
Please make a appointment with a board certified Plastic Surgeon who can perform a complete exam and discuss the best option for you.

2. Will I be able to breathe better?

Without a exam and review of your medical history I can reply in general terms and hopefully the following will help.
The nose is a complex organ that allows us to smell, to breath, to humidify and has a very obvious aesthetic component.
The main reasons for difficulty breathing is a deviation of the septum. The septum is a partition that separates the left nose from the right nose. If the septum is crooked it can impair airflow.
Another common cause of air way obstruction is overgrowth of the turbinates.
Simply stated the turbinates function as humidifiers for the air that comes in from the outside before it goes down into the lungs. When these turbinates increase in size they may block the airway.
Another cause obstruction that can occur are polyps. These are usually benign out growths with in the nose and can contribute obstruction.
Please make appointment/consultation with a Plastic Surgeon who is experienced in rhinoplasty procedures.
Good luck!

3. How long will the swelling last?

Thank you for your question regarding rhinoplasty. While each person has their unique and specific healing characteristics after rhinoplasty, I can answer in general terms, which I hope you find helpful.
Rhinoplasty recovery swelling is unique and bit longer to see the final results because of the thicker nasa skin with its abundant oil gland
Rhinoplasty recovery and swelling after surgery has 3 phases:
EARLY/ACUTE Rhinoplasty swelling
Usually lasts 5-10 days where bruising and immediate tissue surgical swelling after rhinoplasty resolves. A noticeable difference is seen in hump Reduction and tip size is seen. Patients can return to work and light exercise
MID TERM Rhinoplasty swelling
Usually 10 days to 9 months after the time the rhinoplasty splints are removed there is a gradual and progressive shrinkage of the soft tissues, complete healing of the skin around the new bony and cartilage structure. During this time period after rhinoplasty continued refinement of the tip is noticed. Usually once complete nerve feeling has returned to the nasal tip area the majority of swelling has resolved.
LONG TERM Rhinoplasty swelling
9 months to even up to 1-2 years after rhinoplasty surgery there is a slow and subtle but noticeable contouring refinement of skin (especially the nasal tip are) with the final contraction of the skin around the healed underling structure boney and cartilage (which is like “shrink wrap”).
Rhinoplasty surgery can be life changing with a high approval rating. While the total healing process is longer than other Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedures it usually continues to looks better and better or time.
My best wishes to s speedy rhinoplasty recovery



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