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Patients who want to undergo a breast augmentation or need to naturally restore contours but don’t want foreign objects such as implants may find that a fat transfer is a good option for them, thus fulfilling our motto, “One Goal, Many Options,” Dr. Hardesty performs fat transfers to help people add volume to areas that may be lacking. This is a more organic form of breast augmentation or contour restoration because the implant comes right from you.

What is Fat Transfer?

A fat transfer procedure is a way to add volume to any areas of the body that are lacking such as your hands, face, buttocks, or breasts. This procedure uses fat grafting techniques to transfer the fat from an area of your body that contains unwanted fat such as your thighs, abdomen, or back and, after purification, injects the cleansed fat into the desired area. This a more natural way to get great results. Many patients can find the idea of traditional implants intimidating, this way there are no foreign objects being used, it all comes from you, so there is no chance of an allergic reaction either.

Customize Your Look: Fat Transfer Options

At your consultation appointment with Dr. Hardesty, he will want to go over all of your concerns and aesthetic desires so that he can help you choose the best treatment plan for you. Many breast procedures can use some fat grafting techniques.

Breast Procedures with Fat Transfers

The ideal type of procedure will be chosen based on what you want to be done with your breasts.

  • Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer: A fat grafting procedure can be a good option if a modest increase to the breast is desired.
  • Breast Implants Plus Fat Transfer: This can be used to help optimize the shape of your breast during an implant procedure. If you have any irregularities of the breast after receiving an implant, these can be enhanced with a fat transfer.
  • Breast Reconstruction With Fat Transfer: This is a good procedure to fill in breast defects following a lumpectomy for breast cancer.

. Contour Irregularities: certain areas of the body may have undesirable (either acquired or congenital) dips, creases or dents. Purified fat injection is a natural alternative to fix such unwanted contour deformities.

Breast Augmentation: Implant Choices

Click here for a Free Online Breast Augmentation Self Evaluation What is the right implant choice for my augmentation? Fortunately today, the prospective breast augmentation patient has many choices. There’s no “best” choice of implants. Based on your individual needs, wants and desires there is, however, an “optimal” choice. The following will hopefully help you […]


"Dr. Hardesty and his staff are amazing!! They make you feel comfortable and are extremely helpful in your process of deciding what is best for you. I enjoyed my experience, from the consultation to my 6 week post op. I am very happy with my results!!" -Verified Google Review

Fat Transfer Techniques

The advanced Organic Breast Enhancement technique employed by Dr. Hardesty includes using a special suction-pump bra device for a few weeks prior to surgery to “pre-expand” the breasts. This provides greater augmentation than fat transfer alone. Our surgeons utilize a device known as Brava®, a bra-like method that uses gentle negative pressure (a vacuum) to gradually expand the breast, providing extra room. The general technique for a fat transfer is:

  • Harvesting: A site will be chosen for fat removal. Then a local anesthetic will be used along with liposuction to get the fat from the area.
  • Purification and Transfer: After the fat is retrieved from the intended site, Dr. Hardesty will purify it and prepare the fat cells for transfer. The purified fat will be put into syringes for injection.
  • Placement: The area for the fat transfer is prepared and the transfer is completed by Dr. Hardesty.

Fat Transfer Recovery

Dr. Hardesty will provide detailed pre-operative instructions during your consultation in order to make sure the procedure goes as smoothly as possible. He will also provide post-operative recovery instructions. Most patients can return to most daily activities in several days and back to non-strenuous work within several weeks following the procedure. A compression garment is recommended for 6 weeks to allow the best contour shape at the liposuction sites. Swelling around the areas may be subtle for a few weeks following the procedure, but you will still immediately be able to see the start of results.

Fat Transfer Frequently Asked Questions

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How Much Does a Fat Transfer Cost?

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What is the cost?

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