Our Philosophy


Our Overview

Imagine Plastic Surgery provides a team of highly skilled and experienced health professionals who specialize in cosmetic plastic surgery. We realize surgery is not always the best solution. We offer a well-trained team that provides comprehensive cosmetic care using noninvasive, minimally-invasive and other state-of-the-art surgical techniques. We have more minimally-invasive and noninvasive technology than any medical or surgical practice in the Inland Empire. Thus summarized in our motto, "One Goal, Many Options.”

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Additionally we have a team of healthcare providers who are not only certified and experienced in delivering the results you are seeking but who are sensitive to your needs. Our team at Imagine Plastic Surgery epitomizes excellence in patient care — enabling our patients to choose their treatment and control where and how. Simply stated, we as a team are acutely focused on the patient’s goals and final results.

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Combined with Imagine Plastic Surgery's team leader and award-winning surgeon Dr. Robert A. Hardesty, our patients can choose short-scar surgery, minimally-invasive and noninvasive options to realize their aesthetic goals. These important choices can all be discussed in one place, seamlessly prioritizing your goals and helping you become educated in your choices as well as fulfill your aesthetic needs, wants and desires.

Since our beginning in 2003 the Imagine Plastic Surgery team has been distinctively helping patients reach their aesthetic goals using noninvasive, minimally-invasive and other cutting-edge surgical techniques. We often combine these multiple modalities resulting in a final look that could not be obtained using surgery alone. Patients regularly state that by improving their external appearance they not only feel better about their body and themselves but realize a greater state of self-confidence.

See the success stories on our website. We are honored we could make such an impact on our patients’ lives.

Our Motto

"One Goal Many Options" 

Further clarification translates to what we at Imagine Plastic Surgery uniquely offer our patients — many options in one setting.  We accomplish this by providing the newest noninvasive, minimally-invasive and other modern surgical techniques; we have more noninvasive and minimally-invasive technology than any medical or surgical practice in the Inland Empire. We also often combine these modalities to create a superior final result. 
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Our Mission

Imagine Plastic Surgery’s mission is to help people realize their desired cosmetic improvement goals in an environment of excellence, confidentiality, compassion and safety, as well as with minimal discomfort and recovery time. To do so we explain and offer all options including noninvasive, minimally-invasive and other up-to-date surgical techniques in a completely private setting. Therefore we offer superiority in the total patient care experience. Comprehensive cosmetic care summarizes our mission.


Our Culture & Values

We at Imagine Plastic Surgery believe personal relationships and integrity are the most important things in life. That belief extends into the way we work. We align as a team of health care providers to focus on the patient’s goals and total experience in a caring and sensitive manner while providing the highest quality of patient care. At our core, we are a group of passionate professionals who embrace patient care and results as well as create invaluable services patients can continue to appreciate each day.

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Our Vision

The vision of our practice is for each of our patients to be not just satisfied but thrilled with their results. We will strive to continue to be a center of excellence in cosmetic plastic surgery by embracing our patient needs and providing matchless comprehensive cosmetic care. We will also continually offer the latest surgical techniques, and we will never limit a patient’s options to surgery alone but the newest non-surgical and minimally-invasive alternatives. Last but not least we will never cease performing all our procedures with precision and delicacy, hence allowing for the fastest recovery time and least amount of discomfort.



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