Pigment Balancing Masque in Riverside & Inland Empire, CA

Pigment Balancing Masque


Improve Your Skin Tone

Many patients that experience hyperpigmentation struggle with finding ways to get rid of this skin concern. That is why Dr. Hardesty and his highly trained aesthetician’s are experts in using the Pigment Balancing Masque treatment. This treatment is formulated to give patients an even skin tone and a total rejuvenated look. At Imagine Plastic Surgery, Dr. Hardesty and his Aestheticians can help you understand the treatment and how it could benefit you.

What is the Pigment Balancing Masque?

The pigment balancing masque is a solution that acts as a superficial chemical peel. This masque formula is made up of a solution containing Glycolic acid and Vitamin C which is designed to brighten skin. This peel helps to improve skin tone and texture, helping specifically with hyperpigmentation. This masque helps to stimulate new cell growth to reveal healthy skin below the dead skin layer. At his Riverside office, Dr. Hardesty’s Aestheticians are specifically trained in this application to help patients get a more even and healthy skin look.

The Pigment Balancing Masque Treatment

At a consultation appointment with Dr. Hardesty and/or his expert Aestheticians who will perform a skin analysis to see what treatments can benefit you. The skin analysis will consist of looking at your skin tone, elasticity, and hydration. As well as diagnosing any skin irregularities. If you have pigmentation concerns, then this pigment balancing masque treatment will most likely be beneficial to you. Under Dr. Hardesty’s supervision his Aestheticians will create your unique treatment plan based on skin analysis.

The Treatment

Most patients return for this treatment every two weeks to get their desired results. Patients with sensitive skin will return every 3-4 weeks. This treatment can be beneficial on all skin types, tones, and colors. But darker-skinned patients should undergo this treatment every four weeks. A maximum of six Pigment Balancing Masque treatments is recommended per year.

What Does it Address?

There are many different skin concerns that this pigment balancing masque treatment can accomplish. These are:

  • Improve Skin Tone
  • Fade Dark Spots
  • Increase Skin Radiance
  • Improve Skin Laxity
  • Diminishes Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Pigment Balancing Masque Treatment Painful?

What Are the Benefits of a Pigment Balancing Masque?

What are alternatives to a Pigment Balancing Masque?

Pigment Balancing Masque Recovery

There is no downtime associated with the pigment balancing masque treatment. Dr. Hardesty’s Aestheticians will go over any instructions for pre-treatment as well as post-treatment care. The number of treatments you receive will be based on the specific treatment plan created by Dr. Hardesty’s Aestheticians during the consultation appointment.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about the Pigment Balancing Masque treatment, contact our Riverside office today. Dr. Hardesty and his team at Imagine Plastic Surgery help all patients achieve their skin desires with the many different skin rejuvenation techniques that are offered. To make a consultation appointment, call the office today, take our self-assessment survey, or fill out a form online.

What is the cost?

At Imagine Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety a different procedures that all vary in prices. We strive in being transparent to all potential patients and being up front with how much our services may cost. For more information regarding the costs and prices, visit our plastic surgery prices page!


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