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Skin Analysis


Preventive, Maintenance, and Corrective Skin Treatment: “One Goal, Many Options.”

As in life, the prevention of aging skin and the maintenance of smooth skin is the preferred method. However, life happens, and your skin may need a bit more attention to return to the vibrant, young, and healthy glowing skin once again. If you desire the best skin rejuvenation treatment plan, Dr. Hardesty and his team of Aestheticians strongly recommend you should start with a skin analysis. Just like you wouldn’t start building a house without an architectural plan. Neither should you begin a skin care program without a plan. Beware of the TV infomercials recommended (often not even scientifically tested) treatments that sound impressive, however most of the time will only lead to disappointments with minimal or no improvement of your skin. Or the random, over-the-counter “quick fixes” that most of the time, will not improve your skin but just waste your money. A professional skin analysis is a thorough examination of your skin. Dr. Hardesty’s experienced and medically trained aestheticians will perform an in-depth evaluation of your skin.

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What is a Skin Analysis?

A skin analysis is a thorough examination of the skin performed by highly trained medical Aestheticians who are supervised by Dr. Hardesty. This examination provides patients the basis of a preventative, maintenance or corrective skin treatment plan. Dr. Hardesty and his Aestheticians will formulate a treatment plan for any and all skin imperfections such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, wrinkles, large pores, and more. He and his highly trained medically supervised Aestheticians will also look at your skin type, tone, elasticity, and hydration. All of this information will help Dr. Hardesty and the medical Aestheticians to choose the best treatment for you and your skin rejuvenation needs. Imagine Plastic Surgery offers a wide variety of skin rejuvenation treatments ranging from topical skin rejuvenation medications, noninvasive technology, minimally invasive devices, to short incision surgery. Thus, fulling our philosophy of “One Goal, Many Options”, all designed to give patients healthy, glowing, youthful appearing and vibrant skin.

Why Dr. Hardesty Suggests A Monthly Facial

Throughout history we have been looking in the mirror and finding imperfections in our skin.  When we see wrinkles, blemishes or other imperfections we tend to reach for products designed for each individual need.  Rarely do these products work, and we simply end up shelling out money hand over fist with no results. When it […]


Treatment Types

Dr. Hardesty’s staff will start by cleansing your skin in order to view it clearly. He and his Aesthetician’s will start by reviewing your medical record, then thoroughly examining and evaluating your skin. By carefully examining the skin, Dr. Hardesty and his staff can point out any skin irregularities that may be occurring. They may also ask about your diet in order to understand the cause of some skin irregularities. They will want to know all of the current skincare products that you are using. Once Dr. Hardesty’s team have all of this information, they will choose a treatment for you. The types of facial treatments we offer at Imagine Plastic Surgery range from medications, laser resurfacing, radio frequency skin tightening, fillers, neuromodulators, peels, topical medications, and medical grade facials. The treatment plan created by Dr. Hardesty and his team for your specific skin concern may use one or multiple of these techniques.

Skin Analysis Recovery

There is no downtime or recovery for a skin analysis since it is a visual and physical skin examination to help choose the best treatment plan for you. Each treatment comes with its own unique ways to improve your skin, potential but rare side effects, particular downtime, and variable recovery period. Dr. Hardesty and his Aestheticians will provide you with all of this information once a treatment plan is created for you.

Schedule a Consultation

If you would like to get a skin analysis for preventive skin care, maintenance of your skin, or to start your preventive, maintenance or corrective skin treatment plan. Dr. Hardesty and his team at Imagine Plastic Surgery offer a variety of treatments for each patient to obtain the best and optimal results. To make a consultation appointment call the office, take our self-assessment survey or fill out an online.

What is the cost?

At Imagine Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety a different procedures that all vary in prices. We strive in being transparent to all potential patients and being up front with how much our services may cost. For more information regarding the costs and prices, visit our plastic surgery prices page!


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