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ThermiLift/Tight is a new procedure that uses heat to shrink skin and connective tissue in predictable ways. Temperature can be used as a health indicator (98.6F) or in treatment or therapy (flash-heating a lesion with IPL or freezing a wart or lesion with cryogen). Different temperatures effect different tissues in different ways. The same temperature can be therapeutic below the skin but damage the surface of the skin. ThermiLift/Tight uses the science of heat to transform tissue in desirable ways, to give a leaner look, a tighter jawline and neck, sleeker arms, thighs and abdomens. Surgeons use fillers and toxins to reshape the aging face and can now use ThermiLift/Tight to inject heat in a similar way and reduce the sagging and skin laxity we all see as we age.

How Will ThermiLift/Tight Help Me?

ThermiLift-TightThermiLift/Tight offers real results without surgery. The cells that form new collagen are called fibroblasts and they age like we do. By age 50 we lose about 50% of fibroblast viability. The younger patient can respond to skin care or topical treatment and the older patient might require surgery. What’s between those options? What if skin therapy or spa sessions don’t work for you or take too long with too many sessions? What if you don’t want the cost, recovery, potential scar or other issues with surgery? ThermiLift/Tight is a great solution for those who are ‘in the middle’. You can get rid of that saggy area under your chin, restore your jaw line, tighten up saggy arms or other areas without surgery in a single session usually taking about an hour. An increasing number of medical studies show ThermiLift/Tight is effective and patients on one consumer blog site rated ThermiLift/Tight 4.7 out of 5 for results, recovery and comfort.

Will ThermiLift/Tight Last?

Treatment will not stop the aging process but good results have been maintained in patients for more than three years after a single ThermiLift/Tight session. Depending on your lifestyle and weight-management, a 3-5 year expectation is not unreasonable and is supported by patient photographs. You can always repeat the ThermiLift/Tight procedure or opt for surgery in the future.

ThermiLift/Tight CandidatesThermiLiftTight Before and After

A good candidate for ThermiLift/Tight is a patient who sees laxity or sagging under the chin, in the neck, arms or other areas who wants to see results but is not ready for surgery. Men make particularly good patients.

What Can I Expect During My ThermiLift/Tight Procedure?


Your surgeon will consult with you to identify the areas you see as problems and set the correct expectation for degree of improvement. A sticky pad called a grounding pad will be applied somewhere on your body. The area to be treated will be cleansed and sterile drapes will be placed around the treatment site. Your physician will infuse a small amount of fluid with numbing medicine under the skin to be treated through a small puncture using a hollow needle. Your surgeon will select the temperature needed to give the desired effect and will gently and slowly move another hollow needle called a cannula through the treatment area. A sensor in the cannula limits the heat delivered to the select temperature and an infrared camera monitors the temperature of the surface of skin.  Knowing these 2 temperatures, your surgeon can use higher therapeutic temperatures below the skin and keep the surface in the safe range. ThermiLift/Tight has three procedure goals, to achieve the target temperature, to spread that temperature uniformly throughout the treatment area and to maintain the temperature for a few minutes. And three therapeutic goals, to shrink the fibrous septae that connect your skin to deeper structures, to contract existing collagen bundles and to stimulate over several months the formation of new dermal collagen.            

Are Results Instant?

Some improvement is noted within a week or two but the real result will be evident after 6 weeks and up to 6 months, another patient variable. New collagen formation will be ongoing, evidenced by continued and gradual improvement in skin tightening quality over 4 to 6 months.

Recovery After ThermiLift/Tight 

Because each patient is unique there is a range of healing responses. The numbing fluid will need to be absorbed by the body over the first day or two so you might look a bit swollen. The puncture sites will heal without scarring as any small wound would heal. The treated area will be wrapped to keep it under light compression for 24 hours, perhaps longer if your surgeon suggests it. you may be sensitive to heat in the treated area for a few days. There is sometimes tenderness lasting a few weeks and a firmness, called induration, that will fade with time but often indicates an excellent response. 

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