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What is a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?


Posted by Dr. Hardesty

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A traditional breast augmentation uses breast implants to significantly improve the size, shape, and symmetry of your breasts. But many patients are bothered by the idea of having foreign material in their body and the incisions required. While implants are very safe when placed by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hardesty, there is another solution! A fat transfer breast augmentation utilizes your own fat cells to give your breasts a natural-looking enhancement. Here’s what’s involved with a fat transfer:

Liposuction to Obtain the Fat Cells

A fat transfer breast augmentation doesn’t just involve the breasts, but a donor site to obtain the fat cells as well. This involves liposuction techniques, with small incisions where a cannula can be inserted and used to break up and remove stubborn fat cells. This is typically done in areas where there is excess fat like the thighs or abdomen. For many patients, this is a major benefit of the fat transfer because they can slim one area of the body while enhancing the breasts at the same time.

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No Large Incisions

Unlike a traditional breast augmentation with implants, there are no large incisions required for a fat transfer. Once enough fat cells have been obtained, small incisions will be placed over the breasts where fat cells can be placed. Several small incisions will be used to ensure an even distribution of fat to improve size, symmetry, shape, and overall contour. After the fat transfer, there are little to no visible scars!

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Subtle, Natural-Looking Results

While some women want significantly larger breasts, more and more women are opting for the natural look. With a fat transfer, you can achieve a subtle increase that looks and feels natural. The most important thing you can do to ensure you get the most volume from your fat transfer is to avoid putting pressure on the breasts during your breast surgery recovery. Your newly placed fat cells will need time to establish their own blood supply and could die off under pressure from laying on your stomach. The good news is, the fat cells that do survive are there to stay for long-lasting results!

Reduced Risk of Future Complications

By choosing the fat transfer over breast implants, you can also decrease some of the risks and complications that come with a traditional breast augmentation. Because your own fat cells are used, there is no risk of your body rejecting the material, or the development of breast implant-related illness. You will also never need to worry about rippling, capsular contracture, or ruptures that are associated with implants.

Dr. Hardesty offers the traditional breast augmentation as well as the fat transfer breast augmentation. To learn more and to find out which one is right for you, contact our office today and schedule your consultation.



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