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What to Expect During and After Arm Lift Surgery?


Posted by Dr. Hardesty

A big part of aging is losing skin elasticity which causes the skin to sag. This happens to everybody in different areas of the body. Having sagging skin on your arms can make wearing short sleeves seem unwelcoming. Any loose skin can be uncomfortable or embarrassing for people, but especially on noticeable areas such as the arms. That is why many people opt to get an arm lift. Arm lift surgery is designed to remove excess skin and fat on the upper arms while tightening the skin for a slimmer look.

What is an Arm Lift?

Sagging skin on the arm can be the result of aging skin, weight floss, major weight fluctuations, or just plain genetics. The arm lift procedure helps to sculpt the arms by removing the excess skin and fat the arm and tightening the rest. The methods used by Dr. Hardesty at Imagine Plastic Surgery have been proven to be beneficial with unmatched results. He offers his patients many different arm lift options to give them the sculpted appearance that they desire. This ensures Dr. Hardesty’s motto of, “One Goal, Many Options.”

The Arm Lift Procedure

The arm lift technique will change depending on how much sagging skin needs to be removed and what results you are looking to obtain. Though each procedure varies, there are generalities that you can expect to go through during your arm lift. Arm lifts are typically done under general anesthesia. The procedure generally lasts about two hours where the surgeon will remove some fat and skin from the upper arm area through an incision near the elbow or near the armpit. If patients have minimal sagging skin, then liposuction can be a good option to get rid of excess fat and flabby skin.



After the Procedure

After the body enhancement procedure, it is normal that your arms may feel tight and sore. You may be fitted with a compression garment to help with swelling following the surgery. These compression garments may be worn up to 6 weeks. It is imperative that you take the proper time to heal. You should be mindful that you will need to take a few days off of work. Most patients can return to non-strenuous activity between one week and ten days, but strenuous activity and exercise should not be resumed for about 6 weeks. There will be some scarring, but Dr. Hardesty has an anti-scar program which can help improve the look of scars. Your arms will be slim, sculpted, and youthful with one of Dr. Hardesty’s arm lift techniques.

Learn More About Arm Lifts

To learn more about the arm lift surgery and the options we have available click here. Dr. Hardesty is a highly sought-after plastic surgeon working in Riverside, California where he helps patients reach their aesthetic goals through his many different surgical, non-surgical, and minimally invasive options. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hardesty today.

Imagine: A Team that Truly Cares About You!

In addition to Dr. Hardesty’s staff brings a high degree of skill to an array of surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments. Patients rave about how deeply our team cares about their well-being. At Imagine Plastic Surgery your experience will reach beyond facial and body revitalization. You are becoming part of a unique family who places your welfare and satisfaction, first and foremost.

For over 30 years Dr. Hardesty, an award winning, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, has proudly served Riverside and San Bernardino counties of the Inland Empire, namely the communities of Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Upland, Corona, Chino Hills and Redlands. Additionally, we are pleased that patients travel from throughout Southern California, including Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, as well as other areas of America. We welcome one and all to our family of superior aesthetic specialists!

What is the cost?

At Imagine Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety a different procedures that all vary in prices. We strive in being transparent to all potential patients and being up front with how much our services may cost. For more information regarding the costs and prices, visit our plastic surgery prices page!


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