CO2RE Fractionated  

CO2RE is a fractional therapy CO2 laser for skin resurfacing. Fractional therapy is referring to the pixilated distribution of laser light. Fractionated treatment allows for smaller thermal injuries as opposed to fully ablative resurfacing thus allowing for shorter downtime and fewer complications. As opposed to older traditional CO2 lasers, CO2RE is versatile, giving physicians the ability to treat patients both superficially and deep skin layers simultaneously while maintaining precise control.

Does CO2RE Fractionated Treat Deep Wrinkles?

CO2RE is the right procedure for you to achieve light, moderate and even deep wrinkle reduction as well as skin resurfacing and scar reduction in a single treatment session.  Although CO2RE Fractionated therapy can provide amazing results it does not replace surgical procedures.

CO2RE Fractionated CandidatesCO2RE Fractional

Prime candidates for CO2RE are those in their 30’s, or older who have experienced skin damage from exposure to the sun, or have age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration, rough texture, or other imperfections. Generally patients will see the difference they want after only one treatment. Within days of treatment,patients will notice that their skin gradually appears softer, smoother, and tighter.

Is CO2RE Fractionated For All Skin Types?CO2RE Fractional Before and After

Darker Skin patients present a high risk of adverse events and therefore a CO2RE treatment is not recommended.  Sublative is a nice alternative for these darker skin patients.



About The CO2RE Fractionated Procedure 

Depending on the desired results and recommendations of your provider/physician; patients typically receive topical anesthetic/local or regional blocks, cleanse the area with antibacterial soap and water and then treatment with the fractionated CO2RE device begins.  Patients will hear a quick scan of the epidermal layer with each laser pulse and there will be a fractionated ablation occurring at a variety of intensities and depths depending on the desired results you and your physician have discussed in the pre-treatment consult.

What Is Recovery Like?

Patients will feel as if they had a moderate to aggressive sun burn to which they will have immediately post treatment a cooling gel applied to their skin along with a cold compress.  Patients will be encouraged to hydrate and use SFP 30+ and avoid going to the beach. Patients will have, at least, 3-5 days of downtime.

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