Body Lift – A Life Transformation

The Body Lift procedure is most often performed on individuals who have experienced massive weight loss, or post-bariatric patients. As performed by Dr. Hardesty, the body lift can truly result in a life changing experience. Additionally, their approach offers the advantage of often being done in one surgical session. These combined body contouring procedures include:

1) extended abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
2) lateral thigh lift (removing sagging outer thigh fat and skin)
3) buttock lift and contouring unwanted sagging tissue

Body Lift Procedure - Riverside, Inland Empire

After massive weight loss the body becomes deflated, however the skin envelope doesn’t contract as much resulting in the “Shar Pei” deformity. Regrettably, exercise will not shrink the over stretched, non-elastic skin and remove the areas of diet resistant fat. Thus the tummy, outer thighs, buttock skin and fat “puddles” into a pear shape body contour.

The one stage exquisite Lift performed by Dr. Robert Hardesty restores the body to a more slender, athletic and firm shape with one circular incision located at the lower hip area that is easily hidden with normal clothes or swimwear. This one stage circumferential body contouring operation is truly liberating, allowing patients to again reclaim their body, wear the clothes they desire, as well as exercise without loose, sagging, jiggling skin.

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