A Beautiful Combination: The Breast Lift and Augmentation Procedure

Breast Augmentation and Lift

Every woman is entitled to feel completely confident and concerns about small, sagging breasts can negatively affect self-esteem and relationships. While Breast Augmentation increases size and fullness, a Lift raises and tightens the breast, projecting ideal contour and beauty.

Breast augmentation and lift, (known as Mastopexy), is a very popular combined procedure performed by Dr. Hardesty. However, this is also one of the most challenging operations which should be performed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Why? The Plastic Surgeon is performing several procedures at the same time. Dr. Hardesty is not only increasing the size of the breast, but in addition, elevating the nipple areloar complex, (NAC), often reducing its size, sculpting the breast, removing excess skin, and positioning the implant to create the appearance you desire. Fortunately, Dr. Hardesty has an outstanding track record of successful results and numerous pleased patients.

Your Breast Lift and Augmentation Decision Making Process

  • First, choose the size you want your breasts to be. This is the most critical decision a patient can make. Don’t be misguided by the concept that a larger implant will lessen the amount of scar that will be present on the breast. (See our discussion on Breast Enhancement for additional information).
  • Once the size of the implant has been selected, our plastic surgeons can recommend what type of Breast Lift you require. This decision is related to how much sag (ptosis), or droop you have. If the sag is minimal, we often perform a non-external Mastopexy, which Dr. Hardesty has uniquely named the “Internal Lift.” This advanced technique lowers the breast fold (infra-mammary fold) and auto-rotates the NAC into a slighter higher position, avoiding an external scar. If you prefer a larger breast and wish to maintain a natural appearance, our surgeons will perform a Crescent Lift. Alternatively, should you desire a more sculpted, “perky”, firm appearance, Dr. Hardesty can also perform an advanced technique known as the Lollipop Lift. On occasion, they can perform the inverted T, (or Anchor Mastopexy), adding a horizontal lift to the breast tissues.

When planned correctly and performed by experienced plastic surgeons, the combined Breast Lift and Augmentation procedure is one of the most satisfying and rewarding for both the patient and surgeon – truly a beautiful combination.

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