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Frequently Asked Questions
"Chin Augmentation"
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1. Will this procedure make it painful to eat?

The pain after chin augmentation is usually at the incision site and around the chin area.
The muscles of mastication (chewing muscles) are towards the back of the mandible (jaw bone) and are not disturbed during the implant placement.
Therefore normal chewing and eating is not affected by chin implant placement.

2. If I do not like the implant, can it be removed with no scars?

First, any time a surgery is performed there will be a incision and a resultant scar. The job of the Plastic Surgeon is to minimize the scar appearance and hide its location
There are two access incisions choices
  1. intro oral (along the gum line)
+ no Visable external scar
- slight increase in infection
  1. Under the chin (through a crease about a 1/2 back of the point of the chin
+ decrease chance for infection
- well hidden incision (that only dogs see!)
So, depending where the placement of the scar is originally placed for chin implant placement , in general, is where the the incision is used for implant removal.
Of course if the chin incision was used for chin implant placement and was well healed you could always use the intraoral approach for removal.

3. What does a chin implant do to help the appearance of a face?

The attractive faces are always balanced faces.
Much time and energy has gone into measuring and correlating the relationships of the boney anatomy and developing normative data. The collective data is called cephalometrics.
This data has led to terms to discuss the chin and its relationship to the other anatomical landmarks of the face as it relates to the chin
Micrognathia: is when the chin and lower jaw is small in size
Retrognathia: is when the chin is displaced backwards
macrognathia: is a large protruding lower jaw
For major imbalances surgical correction is referred to as orthognathic surgery: correcting the deformities of the jaw and the associated malocclusion of the teeth .
For the common minor imbalances of the chin due to its small size a chin implant is often placed to create balance and better definition of the lower jaw line.

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